Went to a local park where they have lots of geese and ducks, and now I know why people shoot snow geese.

It's because the bastards have it coming.

Didn't get to sleep until stupid late last night, because I figured that having the day off meant that I didn't have to. Am now limping my way through the process of getting psyched up enough to take on the day. Wishing that I'd had tomorrow off instead of today because I'd have liked to be able to go see the first showing of 9, which has been hitting me right where I love the game Puppetland (and if this is out of print as I fear it is, could somebody find me a copy? I need to replace the one that I lost due to water damage. But I digress).

A sense of "home" is important, by which I mean that when I'm away from my actual home, I need someplace that has a homelike feeling to it, or else I wind up feeling off-balance and antsy. I kinda have that in that I'm not sharing a room with anybody, but OTOH, after having not lived entirely alone since sometime in 1997, I find that I need at least a cat to keep me company, or else the feeling just isn't there.

On the bright side, I only have to put up with it til next Thursday, and then I'm home. Well, technically Friday, because of the ugly realities of flight schedules, but hey.

Must get lunch now. Hopefully after that and after the massage I booked has hopefully unwoven some of the knots in my back, the day will be more cheerful.

(Oh, and btw, pictures from my trip to the zoo will be posted later when I have taken the chance to transfer them off my camera.)
OTOH, my discovery that they bottle Cheerwine here does make up for a lot. Just saying.
The problem with going to a place distant from one's own (ok, one of the problems, but I'm trying to make a point here so just roll with it, will you) is that you never know whether the things to which one is allergic are more or less plentiful where one is going.

Sadly, it was not the "less" side of things for me. Apparently the atmosphere in SC has dedicated itself to producing me-killing clouds of Floating Death.

I put in most of a day's work today, but with a bit over two hours to go, I had to head back to the hotel, by way of the local pharmacy. Spent either too much or not enough on allergy meds, and after I get some more food in my system, I am going to put together a good night's NyQuil coma that should hopefully jumpstart my system into coping-with-the-air-here mode. Wish me luck.

On a side note, they use ketchup in chicken stew here. I fear for our future as a nation.
Welp, off in Forn Parts on business, and the culture shock has already set in. They still have Blue Laws here - which, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, means no buying beer on Sundays.

Not that I would necessarily have bought some, but I would have liked having the option, neh? But anyway.

The flight was ... let's say "interesting" and move on, shall we, because it's such a useful word. I was in the smallest plane I have ever been in. Three seats per row, which, wow. Had a window seat, which was of less than ultimate usefulness because most of the second half of the trip was spent flying through clouds. I seriously thought my window had just frosted over until I leaned far enough forward to see the wing of the plane (no man on it, thankfully enough).

Have settled into the hotel, and now I get to deal with spending more time without sharing living space with anybody than I have since ... damn. Since ever. I think that may take as much getting used to as anything. Must be off to go rot my brain with TV for awhile, and then it's off to bed. See y'all later on.



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