It wasn't one thing so much as it was that one thing wound up becoming the latest in a chain of one things that set me off.

Ok, so I'm on a discussion thread elsewhere about John Edwards (which put the lie to a different person's claims about Edwards, but I both digress and doubt that person reads my LJ, so moving on now). One poster - I'll refer to her as X - wrote that Edwards was a hypocrite for speaking out on child advocacy, and linked to an article about a child advocacy award that was given in John Edwards' name at the same time that Edwards was denying that he'd gotten a woman other than his wife pregnant.

Except that the John Edwards the award was named after? Dead guy whose middle name was Edwards. And when I pointed out that was the case, first X deletes the post, and then they claim it was an innocent copy and paste error.

I was polite enough not to start out by saying that it looked more like a lazy punch in search terms and paste without reading error, but I was sorely tempted.

So, as is sadly all too common in cases like this, when X found that their dexterity had proven insufficiently dazzling, they decided to go the "baffle them with bullshit" route instead. Apparently I somehow managed to become a drunk Alinsky clone who flunked Logic 101 while I wasn't looking.

Because nothing makes your argument more credible than if you pitch a fit, right?



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